Jordan was born in Phoenix on a Wednesday evening, September 4th, 1974. He was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 22 months. At the time, the average life expectancy of a child born with CF was 11 years. Despite his illness, Jordan grew up into a bright, happy child who enjoyed an active lifestyle playing soccer, tennis, swimming and hunting. He was always tremendously fun to be around - he had a quick smile, a wonderful laugh and an endearing manner. During high school, Jordan's health began to deteriorate, with the sound of his racking, painful cough as his lungs struggled for oxygen getting worse seemingly everyday. However, in over 25 years, I don't remember Jordan ever complaining about his condition, as he faced his terminal illness with an extraordinary level of courage and hope.

Jordan attended college at Santa Clara University with a cadre of pals from high school, where he joined a fraternity, studied and planned for his future. He also began to contemplate a double-lung transplant. After graduating from college, Jordan moved back to Arizona and began a successful career in real-estate. He had also decided to undergo the transplant. After more than three years of waiting, during which time his lungs continued to deteriorate, Jordan finally received the call he had been waiting for, and he flew off to Stanford Hospital to undergo his double-lung transplant.

The transplant was highly successful and now Jordan could finally do anything he wanted. He filled every day with work, fun and love. He was known for his honesty and trustworthiness in business. He enjoyed his friends and family, dated, golfed, hunted, fished and raised his beloved yellow labs, Annie and Maggie. He sat on the boards of the Lung Center at the Tucson Medical Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Phoenix. He mentored families with children who had cystic fibrosis, and participated in fund raising events for the CF Foundation. He shared his lung transplant experiences with anyone considering a transplant.

Jordan was enveloped by a large family that honored his will to live. He cherished his mother and father beyond words. He was always there to support his big brother, whom he idolized. He treasured his sister Brooke, who is also living with CF, and even took a few yoga classes just to make her happy. He was her good-natured confidante and friend. She admired his decency, honesty, zest and humor.

He naturally accepted people for who they were and valued his friends. If he couldn’t be with them, he was always in touch. They maintained a beautiful circle of camaraderie and support in each other’s lives. He focused on living for as long as possible in the best way possible. He was deeply spiritual and came to a peaceful acceptance of eternity.

In November 2007, Jordan was admitted to the Heart and Lung Institute at St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Hospital with an episode of acute rejection of his transplanted lungs that eventually became chronic rejection exacerbated by progressive renal failure. He fought mounting health battles throughout 2008 with the same hope, determination, courage and humor he demonstrated his entire life.

Jordan died peacefully on January 28th, 2009, surrounded by his family and friends. A Buddhist monk and a Catholic priest blessed him. And on this Wednesday evening in January, his parents, who had taken so much joy in his birth on a Wednesday evening 34 years before, held their hands over his heart until it took its last beat.


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